Saturday, July 21, 2007


Although I am truly trying to enjoy these few weeks of calmness at work, good weather and extra time with my kiddos, I am very apprehensive about summer being over already darnit! I need to get over it and continue to enjoy the "terrible twos" (and yes, we are so there) and a Hannah Montana wanna-be.

I do have to say that my dear friend, probably the best friend that I have ever had, has been really sick for a while now. She has had severe stomach pain for over 6 weeks and they can't figure out what is going on. She has had multiple trips to the ER, many test without any outcome and now she is living on Dramamine and Vicodin. I hate this! I hate that insurance limits her ability to just run to any DR. I hate that she has never complained in her life, and now at times she looks like a sad old lady. I hate that all she want to do is swim and golf with her kids but instead she has to lay on the couch. I hate that I can not make it better! So, I can only pray that this test she is having on Tuesday will give us some answers and selfishly, I can have my ROCK back!

Here are a few random pictures of our summer!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 4th and beyond

The day following our arrival home from vacation, Mike's Dad and family arrived for an annual visit. I say family meaning - wife, wifes' daughter, and daughters' son. Interesting would be a nice way to leave it. They live in California and typically drive out every year for a visit. I love Mike's dad. He has worked very hard all of his life and is a good guy. He has however made many decisions in this lifetime which I would describe as not-so-good! Anyway, their 4 day visit turned into 8 days and that is okay. I have my house back now and Mike got to see his dad.

We did take everyone to the cottage on the 4th and did a bit of swimming and lots of eating (that is what my family does). The boys had a blast playing with my cousin's daughter, Caroline, who has no problem keeping up the conversation with them.

Long overdue

I know, I have gotten caught up in that whole life thing! It has been a busy month! I ended my crazy time at work and immediately went on our family vacation to one of my favorite places on earth - Higgins Lake. Joining us were my mom, sis and fam, and my bro and his very pregnant wife. This was the first year that I was not the only one with kiddos. My nephew Joey (baby Joe as the boys call him), who is 6 months old enjoyed his first trip up there. We swam, boated, bonfired, walked, watched sunsets and of course drank plenty of wine.

I have come to realize that relaxation does not have to mean extra sleep or lounging but can simply mean time away from the daily grind. This vacation is always time way and I love it!

A good time was had by all!