Monday, April 27, 2009

March of Dimes Winner or Loser?

The following is a list, in chronological order, of our March of Dimes path this year:

1. Debated whether to fundraise again this year knowing that Janie's gymnastics meet could fall on the same day as the walk. Also, many family and friends were going to be out of town that usually walk with us.

2. Decided that March of Dimes means a lot to me and because of MOD, many of my friends' children are alive. I will commit to fundraise!

3. Set fundraising goal - a hefty $1000 (I have made it past there for the past 3 years)

4. Sent out numerous (maybe received as annoying) e-mails begging for money. Donations were more of a struggle then in previous years, rightfully so!

5. Janie's gym received confirmation on her meet day - 8am on Sunday. We will miss the walk.

6. Decided after raising $1000+ that I would find a walk to walk in on Saturday.

7. Despite wanting to walk with my cool friend Billie, I found a walk at Kensington (literally 3 miles away) as opposed to 45 minutes away.

8. Friday night, OK Twins Team hits $1058- thanks to amazing friends and family!

9. Begin making team shirts at 11:30pm on Friday night after 10 year Anniversary dinner with hubby.

10. Wake up Saturday morning and eat a big breakfast prior to leaving for the "big walk".

11. 9:30am Saturday morning we arrived at the park to begin the walk. We ask for the location of the start and were told that Saturday was set up day, Sunday was the actual day of the walk.

12. Shed a few tears while missing a really fun time with some dear friends who totally understand "this cause".

13. Walked around the park in our lime green t-shirts as people looked and asked "did you just walk in a walk?"

14. Went for ice cream!

I am almost over it! I guess there is always next year. A huge thank you to all who donate!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walk for Babies

Okay, I think it is time to start begging. If you see me on the street corner with my empty cup tomorrow, it is because I have not yet reached my goal for the March of Dimes Walk. In fact, I am not even close! $420 more to go to be exact.

Making the decision to fundraise this year was a hard one. Janie has a gymnastics meet next weekend that we are committed to and not knowing what day it would land on, I did not know if we would be able to walk. The more I thought about it, I realized that it didn't really matter. What the March of Dimes has done for so many premature babies is incredible. Knowing that my children and so many others are alive because of the research and funding that they have provided is so admirable. So, as it ends up, we found out today that Janie's meet in Kalamazoo next weekend is on Sunday morning, go figure! The good news is that there are two other walks in our area on Saturday that we plan to participate in (of course they are double the length).

My friend brought up this point the other day ~please consider not stopping for your Starbucks or Sausage McMuffin for one day and donate the $5 to March of Dimes. Please! For a good cause, for these miracle children, for my boys? Thank you!




Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday 4 year olds!

Today Owen and Kyle turned four! Wow, four sounds like a new decade to me. Four sounds like a whole new world of opportunities! Organized activities, travel, shopping...okay maybe not with two four year olds!

We spent the day at Chuck E Cheese with some of our closest friends and family. The boys had a blast and I am always happy to have a b-day party where I don't have to cook or clean!

Happy birthday to my sweet and crazy not-so-little boys! I love you!

PS - We were healthy for the day!