Tuesday, December 18, 2007


While up at my mom's this weekend, we got dumped on with snow. The snow I remember as a child. The snow that is big enough on the side of the drive way to actually sled down it or build forts. My kids had a great time! Fortunately, it was not bitter cold so we played and played!

Now the boys are both sick with fever, wheezing and the occasional vomit! Go figure...

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Great Family Outing

It is so easy to run up to the corner and grab a Christmas Tree. Well, it may not be easy but it is easier then finding a place to cut one down and then actually doing it.

I wanted to do the "traditional" cut down this year to give the kids a fantastic experience. It was everything I could have even dreamed it would be! When we arrived they took us out to the trees on a wagon (barrels of hay for seats)! The kids ran around in the snowing while Owen kept saying "Mommy,I love all the trees". They watched in awe as Daddy took the big saw and cut it down. We ended the time with a wagon ride back and donuts! What a childs' dream (or a mommys').

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Famous Christmas Letter

Every year I listen to others' comments about standard (the one that you write once, copy and send out to everyone) christmas letters. Most comments offered are not positive - it's laughable, it isn't personal, it's so "the Jones". You know what - I do it and I am proud of it. Personally, I prefer not to receive a Christmas card if it doesn't have a written message, a picture or a letter. Anyone can buy cards and throw an address and a stamp on them. I want an update, a photo, a sign of some love. Is this so wrong?

This year Janie wrote our Christmas letter. Am I training her early or just letting her express herself through writing. Whatever the case, it was not easy to let gp but she did a great job and I am proud of her!

Happy writing!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving

This is a time of year to think about all of the amazing things in our lives. Although I try to remain positive most of the time, there are those days where I am not. Actually, they are more like hours. Usually, I can pull myself out of the anxiety and overwhelming chaos by thinking of my healthy, funny and beautiful child. I am able to get over the money woes by reflecting on my incredible husband. I am able to get past most all obstacles by looking at my big life picture. And that is this~ I have an amazing family. I love spending time with them and they make me laugh and smile constantly! I have the best friends that anyone could dream of having. I have old ones and new ones and I learn from them, laugh and cry with them. I have job that I look forward to going to every single day (okay most days). I have a husband who truly loves me and our children. I have children! I have healthy, crazy, loving children! Finally, I feel that I was raised with all of the right things. I have been taught how to appreciate, how to give, how to be kind, how to be a friend and parent and wife. I have been taught how to be thankful!