Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Although I thought it would be cool to have identical twins, I was happily surprised that mine were fraternal. Their genes are no more alike than any siblings. I thought maybe it may make the future easier. They don't look alike, they would have different interests and both excel at different things. With that being said, they have spent almost every hour of every day together since birth. A few Dr.'s appointment now and then and Owen's short hospital stay have been the only exceptions.

They started preschool 3 weeks ago and it is going great. They seem well adjusted and to be having a great time. There is some sense of security, for me, knowing that they have each other. When I picked them up today, I feel like a little part of me lost that. There was a notice in my box that said "Kyle Mitchell is scheduled to move up to the 4-year-old preschool classroom on 10/6." "Note: Kyle is ready for the 4 year old curriculum. Owen should be ready by January" Really? My immediate thoughts~

~You are going to separate them?
~You know this 3 weeks into school?
~Are you saying that Kyle is smarter than Owen?
~Do you know that Owen has been able to spell his name for 3 months and Kyle finally learned his last week?
~Do you know that Owen remembers every word to every song and can color in the lines? And Kyle doesn't?

I have never and will never compare my children. My parents always taught me that you love each of your children in different ways. However, in the back of my mind, I have always thought of Owen as the brains and Kyle as the brawn. Kyle is super athletic and outgoing. Owen is smart and quiet. Great, I love that! So, when I asked about this move, I was told that they may do better separated (I can see that as they almost kill each at home). One person told me that Kyle is just really ready to "move up". The teacher told me that Kyle loves being in the 4-year old room and that Owen is still working on potty issues, Kyle dives into things and engages more and Owen is more dependent on his brother.

So this is all fine and dandy but really, I guess an answer like "we just think they will thrive better being separated" would have been the answer that I would have liked to hear. I do however understand that I am not the teacher and do not see how they are in class the entire day. And, when I mentioned to them that they would be going to different classrooms, they seemed fine with it.

It is just sad to me because I feel for the first time that my children are being compared to one another and I don't like it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A visit from Grandma Mitchell

We had a nice last 11 days with a visit from Mike's mom from California. The boys met her for the first time and Janie for the third. We spent a lot of time listening to fun music and eating great meals. We also ventured out a bit to meet my mom and my aunt. We miss you Grandma Mitchell!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The First Week of School

I am scared to say, so far, so good. All three kids started school last Tuesday. Janie did great and is still doing great! She loves her teacher and says she is really nice. Of course little things I hear from Janie make me think that maybe she is too nice, but we will see. Janie needs structure and challenge so hopefully it will all be good.

The first day of drop off with the boys went well. They were very excited and the teacher said the had a good day. The remainder of the week has been fine. Owen is happy going each day. Kyle, not so much. He has tears most of the morning prior to Mike taking him. When I pick him up, he tells me that his day was great, as does the teacher. It has been fun to see them start to bring home their projects. Kyle has already learned how to spell his name (Owen already knew).

So, I guess we are off to a good start. Schedule, schedule, schedule seems to be the mode that we have jumped into!