Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know, pretty incredible to have two posts from me two days in a row! We had a good New Year even if Daddy could not be with us (the job thing).Food food and good friends make it perfect. We followed up with a New Years Day filled with NOTHING! I never did get out of my jammies. We did however manage to get the snow pants on to do a littl sledding in the backyard follwed by a nice dinner.

Mikey makes the money sweep in one try!

Still working on resolutions...

Friday, January 01, 2010

A Fantastic Christmas

Check ~ another good one! This year was a bit different from the past in that we spent Christmas Eve with just the five of us. We had friends over for dinner, went to a great church service and then returned to the house in order to change to jammies and make hot chocolate for our city light tour. It was great! The only missing piece was that my mom was lonely at home awaiting our arrival. This is the last time that she will not be with us on the Eve.

After a great morning of spoiling, we headed up to MP to my mom's where we were joined by the rest of the family. We ate, drank and finished opening gifts at about 10pm. The late hour was not because of former but instead because of the five kids 4 and under. Craziness, but a blast! The best gift of the season was the computer that we (all kids and spouses) got mom. She was shocked and even a bit tearful. She really wanted a navigation system or clothes but we thought otherwise. She can often be found after hours or on the weekend at the office checking e-mail or facebook. Not anymore Barb!

The kiddos were fantastic and we had a blast with all the cousins. Cheers to family!