Monday, May 28, 2007

Living like the other half live

And I am not talking about the rich! I am talking about those parents who work normal hours, have weekends off with the family and are able to share activities TOGETHER!

This was not a normal weekend for us. Mike usually gets one day off a week and works until 8-9p most nights. This weekend he worked until 2pm on Sat and had Sun and Mon off. Amazing! We planted flowers, we did yard work, we cleaned, we went to the park, we had a picnic, we (I should say Janie and Mike) went put-putting, we had dinner together three nights in a row, and I grocery shopped alone! Doesn't the song go something like..."Please don't let this feeling end.." When I say it was great, I mean it was great! I guess it is a good beginning into my sleepless- chaotic-work-missing-my-kids-next-4-weeks!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Janie!

For my sweet Janie who makes sacrafices every day and loves her family more than ever! You blink and the time passes.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What I Learned this week about 2 year olds

I feel like every week I learn a few more things about kids or parenting. I am however always learning something new about 2 year old twin boys. Here are a few things from this week.

1. Don't try to put one twin boy in jammies with balls on them unless you have a second pair of jammies with balls also.

2. They have no problem seeing how their hand fits in the others' "crack" while in the bath.

3. The word "share" really means "I want what you have and I am not giving it back"

4. If you think they are ready to begin potty training, maybe they are?

Janie was potty trained easily in one day (except for nights) at 2 years and 4mths. I was not ready but someone told me I better run with it if she is showing signs. Both Kyle and Owen say "Poooopoooo" in a stressful voice everytime the duty calls. So tonight I brought up the little potty. As bath time started I stripped Kyle down, sat him on the potty and told him to go pee pee. And, he did. Just like that. Owen, not so much. But really, could this be time? I am not used to this whole tallywacker thing that boys have or how it works. I have always heard that boys take longer but who knows. Here is Kyle on the pot enjoying the parts that he finds down there.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Seasons End

Today was the last of this years gymnastics meets for Janie. Notice I say this years! Unlike other sports, we do not get a season off or the summer. She will continue to go all summer, 2-3 days a week for 3 hours a day. A lot for a 7 year old? Yes, and for a 7 year olds mom. I guess as long as she is still liking it, I will stay committed but my goal is to also introduce other, cheaper and less risky sports along the way. Really the outcome of gymnastics is scary. It is the highest injury sport, it is extremely expensive and the time commitment is crazy. It is however the coolest sport to watch if I do say so myself. Here are a couple of pics from today. I had trouble getting anything good because flashes are not allowed during competition.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A 7 year olds dream

I am a few days late with this post (shock, I know Billie) but wanted to share a few pics of Janie's 7th birthday party. She turned 7 last Friday. Yes, my baby is 7! We went to Libby Lu for the b-day party. For those of you who don't know what Libby Lu is a spa for 7 year olds. Really! Well not just 7 year olds but young girls. They get there hair done up, nails done, make up done and get to pick out several prizes. They also do some singing and dancing. Anyway, good or bad, it is everything a 7 year dreams of for a birthday party. Well, at least Janie.

More about her turning 7 soon but for now, here are some fun pics!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

I just finished reading my post about mothers day from last year. I have decided that I still have the same outlook. Mothers day has never been an extra special-my husband goes above and beyond-sleep in as late as I want-get big gifts day. I am okay with that. But it is simple, or so it seems to me, to make someone feel just a little special. I love to do this. I love to think of that little thing that could brighten someones' day. I think I can generalize with exception (my bro and father being the exception) that most men don't think this way! I asked my mom on Saturday night if there were things about her father that my Dad could never compare with. The reason for my question is that although my husband is a great father, a good partner and very supportive, he is missing the "spontaneous, above and beyond, make someone feel like a million bucks - gene". I am okay with this but this is not how my dad was. My dad brought flowers to my mom all the time. My father put together care packages when I was in college just from him. My father was just like that!

And so, I spent a wonderful Mother's day at my sister's house in Columbus with my kids and my mom while Mike stayed in Detroit and worked. I did get a nice card and a plant for the yard. I enjoyed my kids and got huge hugs from my hubby last night.

This post is not supposed to be about what Mothers Day is not. Instead, I want to say what it is. It is a day for me to celebrate being a mom and honoring my incredible mother.

My mother has been incredibly unselfish throughout her tenure as a mother and a grandmother. She has provided, taught some of life's best lessons and always loved unconditionally. I feel very strongly that because of the way my mother was/is, I am the person that I am today. She has taught me to be a caring, kind and anappreciative person. I can only hope that one day, I can feel that I have raised my children as well as she raised us. I hope that one day, my kids feel the same way about me as I feel about my mother! I love you mom and thank you for being the best mommy that a child could ever dream of!

Friday, May 04, 2007

March of Dimes Walk - A Success!

This was one of my favorite days. The weather was beautiful, the company amazing and the cause priceless. Wow, that almost sound like a commercial. The O.K. Twins team raised over $1400 with a goal of $750. I was so touched by the genuine support I recieved from family and friends through donations and walking with us.

The walk itself is a short 3 miles. The great thing is that there are many activities along the way for the kids, tons of food and fun give-aways. We were able to hook up with many of my friends from the NICU Board that I am on as well as walk with some people dear to my heart - Team Holland and Eden (I would love to link them here but forgot how. You can click on their site under other fav blogs). Watching Holland and Eden (24 weekers) cross the finish line was truly what this whole thing is about!

Anyway, here are lots of pics including the sign that was posted for our team with a pic of last year and a quote I wrote.

O.K. Twins with Team Holland and Eden

O.K. Twins team minus Krissy, our nanny and fam who came a bit later

Owen having a good time!

Kyle showing off the back of his shirt with a pic of him in the NICU

Proud big sis

My cousins daughter Caroline, not sure about this!

The guys feeling cool in their light blue shirts - Cousin John, Mike, Bro John, and Uncle Steve

Our sign