Sunday, July 20, 2008

Higgins Lake 2008

Beware of a lot of pictures below. We just returned from our annual week at our favorite get-away HIGGINS LAKE! Despite some chilly, very cloudy weather and the flu bug that ran through the house, it was a great time! My family are my favorite people to spend time with (okay girlfriends sometimes) so having a beautiful lake and great people makes it the BEST!

My kids were officially the "old ones" for a change. For the most part, the boys played in the sand and ate any junk they could get their hands on. Kyle overcame his fear of boats and learned how to pee on the beach. Owen decided he wasn't quite ready to water ski but he was going to drive the boat "faster" than his brother. Janie enjoyed trying to water ski for the first time and hanging out with the adults. It is sometimes hard with her being so much older than the others as she want someone to swim and do stuff with her all of the time. Makes me feel guilty!

The funny part was watching my 18mth old nephew. He is out of control! Not in a bad way but in an "I'm-18mths-watch-what-I can-do" way. The child can sprint (and does) faster then any adult in the house. The best part - the water does not slow him down a bit (see picture below). Thank God for the strap on the back of the life jacket!
My sister is 28 weeks pregnant (in desperate need of a glass of wine) so it was fun watching her winded-self chase constantly. I just kept thinking really, she is going to have two under two???

My brothers' daughter is just chubby and sweet. At almost 1 year old, all she does is eat (for like 2 hours straight) and poop. I love to eat her!

Back home now for a couple of days and then I leave for a conference up north for 3 days.

Thanks mom for making our week at Higgins work once again!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy 4th a few days late!

We enjoyed the weekend at the family cottage on the Saginaw Bay with my mom, aunt and uncle and cousins. The kids especially enjoyed playing with my cousins' daughter Caroline. It is super fun to see them interact with another child their age. Of course Owen thought he had gotten himself a girlfriend! The kids weren't much for the water but Owen loved the boat. Kyle preferred to stay on shore with the sand and snacks. His latest saying all of the time is "I'm starving!".

Are you ready for the big news????? I water skied and tubed! Of course I haven't been able to move my upper body ever since!

Anyway, great weekend and now a week to plan for our vacation at HIggins Lake!