Friday, September 21, 2007

7 and 2 1/2

There were many times this week that I questioned my ability as a parent. I am not sure if I have little patience or if this is something that many go through. I am going to go with both!

I will start with the positive - Janie has been amazing! She is in such a good stage. She is an incredible help, comes in the door from school and does her homework and for some reason has cut out the whining. I am loving it and I often wonder how I would do it without her. She is patient and rarely makes me feel guilty for all that I ask of her with the little time I give her. She even came to me the other night and ask me if there was any laundry to fold. Seriously? Actually, I think she was in it for allowance but hey, I'll take it! She started ice skating last week and is loving it. I am loving 7 years old!

The boys on the other hand are out of control. I will say out loud that I will never (well try not to) critique others' parenting skills again. We are definitely in a "no" means "yes" stage. Just the other day I let Owen out of the stroller in that mall so that I could have his foot measured. He proceed immediately to pick up a jewelry box and throw it on the floor. After I told him no, he walked over to the circular rack and starting throwing all of the head bands and barrettes off of it. Seriously, I have no control. You can tell by the pics above that they are STINKERS!

Thank God there are cute! Thank God they go to bed at 8p and sleep through the night! Thank God there is wine!