Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Sick

It seems that the only time I blog lately is when I have something bad to talk about, like the kids being sick. I will get to that in a minute but let's start with the good stuff!

The boys went to the eye Dr. last week for a check up. They were initially sent to have their eyes tested at 9 mths old because they were preemies. At that time we were told that they would eventually need glasses and it would probably be between 3-5 years old. So, we went back this last week and went through the full examine (including being dilated which I wasn't expecting) and we checked out just fine. They are both far-sided but nothing that needs correctly right now. I did think that Owen would be really cute in glasses but who needs the added expense and hassle!

The other good news is that Mike and I leave on Thursday for Phoenix for 3 short days. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary soon so this is our celebration! The great part is that we are staying for free at a fantastic resort where my old boss is the Director of Operations. Of course this comes along with a 100 page audit, but hey, I critique all the time anyway.

For the bad and sick news...the kids are all sick again. Very sick! My bro (who is living with us) came down with a very nasty stomach virus last week. Despite our biggest efforts to keep him confined to the basement, the kids now have it. I am not a germ freak but I sprayed more Lysol and cleaned more counters than ever before. No luck! Kyle starting throwing up on Friday night, Owen on Saturday afternoon and Janie last night. This is not just a 12 hour gig either. It is a throw up every half an hour for 10-12 hours and it comes on without warning (hence my stained carpet). The biggest bummer is that Janie had to miss her Sectional gymnastics meet today which qualifies her for State. Oh well, it could always be worse (like if I get it and can't go on vacation). We are over the vomiting part and now just dealing with fevers and the other end. A HUGE thanks to my wonderful mom for being her and doing all of the nasty laundry!

Some good news, some not so good. I have to think that our turn is NOW over...right?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Health Update!

The good news the boys are at school. Owen's fever did not come back yesterday so we seem to be on the mend. Hope this is not wishful thinking!

I got Janie into the orthepoedic today. She confirmed that she did not see anything broken in the x-ray. She did say that a small fracture or stress fracture would not show up. She is to take it easy (no tumbling) but put pressure as she can tolerate on it. She will go back in 2 1/2 weeks for a folllow up x-ray. I guess this is all we can ask for now. I mean, gymnastics is not our life, right?